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October 19, 2020by john Smith0

For every business, managing finance is the most crucial aspect, as it helps in analyzing where to invest when to invest, and how to manage the profits. So, every individual who is willing to start a business must have proper knowledge of business and financial management. However, if you are entirely new to this field, then these free Udemy business & finance courses can help you in your quest. You can also look at our curation of Best Business & Finance Courses.



No Course Name Rating Duration
1 Analysis of Everyday Things. 4.2 1 hours
2 CSS Box Model Padding Margins Borders 3.9 36 min
3 Ambigram Design for Beginners 4.0 45 min
4 Learn AutoCAD Electrical video lecture free 4.3 2 hours
5 Guide to Unblock Creativity and Have Original Ideas! 4.4 2 hours


Let’s See Them in Details

1.Analysis of Everyday Things.

This course is taught by Brian Dickinson. Over 16,629 students have taken this. It gets 376 ratings.



This was a very interesting and informative course that Brian presented. It gave me a new way of looking at the world’s human and computer systems, with many of today’s systems based on past traditional concepts and practices, which no longer work! I am however, a bit wary of the many new managers to organizations who play politics, by implementing change for change sake and who often “throw the baby out with the bath water” Business changes should only occur after a careful analysis of the business, and if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it! A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, well worth doing!—Timothy James Kennaway

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2.CSS Box Model Padding Margins Borders

This course is taught by Laurence Svekis. Over 7,474 students have taken this. It gets 193 ratings.


Great for beginners. The instructor made it very easy to understand the topic. He was very easy to follow. I only wished that there were more, like introducing multiple boxes and laying them out onto the page (ie, floats etc. etc.).—Anonymized User

Short course. Just perfect to refresh your css knowledge and understand how padding and margin work.— Bogdan Lungu

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3.Ambigram Design for Beginners

This course is taught by Saransh Kejriwal. Over 5,592 students have taken this. It gets 93 ratings.


Im a Graphic Designer & i love to learn diffirent thing .. The ambigram is totally new for me an it did amazed me .. as a graphic designer i felt like its really important for me to learn it. You are very creative and smart .. i will practice and show u my designs in enr & arabic .. Wish me luck and thanks alot for sharing this amazing ambigram. God bless u.— Elham M. Saeed

¬°Amazing course! Didn’t know there was a technique to make this king of art : O The professor is very engaging with the topics.— Samuel Gonz√°lez Villa

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4.Learn AutoCAD Electrical video lecture-free

This course is taught by Sanjeev Kumar. Over 3,522 students have taken this. It gets 48 ratings.


This is good course to improve the knowledge AutoCAD Electrical — Warnakulasuriya Nimesha Dhilshani Fernando

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5.Guide to Unblock Creativity and Have Original Ideas!

This course is taught by Bruna Ruschel, Natalia Plentz. Over 2,578 students have taken this. It gets 45 ratings.


I got some initial knowledge on design thinking process, so far. Nicely presented! — Aadhavun TSE

An amazing course I was looking for! I wish there were more examples related to art and design other than business though. — Oksana Prokopenko

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