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October 27, 2021by johny D0

For every business, managing finance is the most crucial aspect, as it helps in analyzing where to invest when to invest, and how to manage the profits. So, every individual who is willing to start a business must have proper knowledge of business and financial management. However, if you are entirely new to this field, then these free Udemy business & finance courses can help you in your quest. You can also look at our curation of Best Business & Finance Courses.



No Course Name Rating Duration
1 Writing The West: Literature & Place 4.2 2 hour
2 Understanding Diaspora… 3.6 1 hours
4 Romeo and Juliet – Get Started! 4.6 1.1 hours


Let’s See Them in Details

1.Writing The West: Literature & Place

This course is taught by Matthew Wood, Robin Jarvis, Gillian Ballinger, Marie Mulvey-Roberts. Over 3,522 students have taken this. It gets 83 ratings.


I love this course. It is interesting and well organised; all of the professors/speakers are a pleasure to listen to and the material posted by them, including the videos, is really engaging. Excellent!.— Rosalucia Simonato

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2.Understanding Diaspora…

This course is taught by Indulekha Radhakrishnan. Over 1,044 students have taken this. It gets 20 ratings.


happy with the course.— Kaaviyaa

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This course is taught by Dr Ken Baker. Over 2,220 students have taken this. It gets 12 ratings.


Wonderful teaching. So clear.— Val Baker

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4.Romeo and Juliet – Get Started!

This course is taught by Irene Ogrizek. Over 439 students have taken this. It gets 7 ratings.


I loved the film clips! They made the play really easy to understand. The analysis was good too. I like that I can go back and watch this again. All the text is on the screen, which helps too.—Alyson

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